You have reached Sharon Suzuki-Martinez’s official author’s website. As an introduction, here is a poem from her latest book, The Loneliest Whale Blues:

Brief Bio

In the beginning, the world was small. It could fit inside of my family’s house. Outside, lived a rabid German Shepherd, and the Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station roared across the glittering bay. The wide world scared me with its yellow teeth, loud sounds, and sea cucumbers. But I had to leave my house to go to school with the other snotty monsters. Later, school became a riptide yanking me and my love back and forth across the country. Those were the days we scuttled from rental to rental, a couple of academic hermit crabs. Meanwhile, my island family was swallowed, one by one, by the insatiable waves. Over and over, I found myself in the heart of the desert, an ancient ocean now immersed in sharp light. In the end, the world was small. Yet, it could fill one hundred houses with the shells I had shed.

[Originally published by Anti-Heroin Chic]

Yay! The Loneliest Whale Blues just made Lantern Review‘s top ten “Sizzling Reads for Summer!”

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